Superior Optics

Triad Optics provide 8x zoom above your smartphones capability. Sharp optics, gorgeous photos!

High Quality & Lightweight

Built tough to bring anywhere and small enough to fit in your pocket.

Take Amazing Photos

Attach Pocket Zoom HD to any smartphone to enhance your photos like never before.

Pocket Zoom Highlights

  • MULTI-REFLECTORS, EXCELLENT TRIAD OPTICS: Pocket Zoom uses a full set of triad prisms. These glass multi-reflectors are designed to provide high quality 8x zoom magnification even in such a small package.

  • EASY TO OPERATE: Pocket Zoom fixes onto your smart phone with ease. Even easier is using this amazing zoom lens. Adjust the focus using the focusing ring with one hand while using your other hand to click pictures.

  • COMPATIBLE WITH MOST PHONES: The technology behind Pocket Zoom is simple yet highly effective. This makes it compatible with most smartphones. The universal clip snaps on to any phone in a jiffy.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND EASY TO CARRY: Pocket Zoom is less than 3 inches and weighs just 2 ounces. It easily fits in your pocket allowing you to carry it with you wherever you go. Nothing will be too far away from your photographic eye.


What Pocket Zoom HD
Customers Say

Jim R.

Los Angeles

I love birdwatching and taking pictures of the birds. You cannot get close to them and I have always struggled to get pictures of birds far away. I bought Pocket Zoom hoping it will help me and I couldn’t be more pleased. Easy to use and excellent zoom allows me to get some incredible pictures. It is just too good!

Asher T.

Key West

I love sports and alwys look to take photographs of sports action. But it is not easy to get good seats and i have to do with the poor zoom in my phone. Pocket zoom changed that and now I can get fantastic pics  even from the last row. It is just great what this pocket size lens can do!

Amana O.

New York

I am amazed at the zoom I am able to get from Pocket Zoom. I love to take pictures of buildings and Pocket Zoom has been a great addition to my phone camera. It allows me to zoom in on the architectural elements and take some clear pictures. Allows me to go back and study them in detail. Just awesome!

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